Sunday, August 23, 2015

I have had  an abundance of tomatoes and decided  I would try to make salsa.    The first batch turned out pretty good, but  I didn't can it . So I have since made more and canned it.  It is a  huge  project for small reward.  Single recipe makes 2 1/2 pints,  so I doubled it and got 4 1/2 pints.  And today I timed  myself and it took 3 hours  from beginning  with preparing the tomatoes to  the end when I was taking them out of canner process. 

 But  it is good and I   used the tomatoes.      

 We are still getting green beans , but no as many, and the carrots  are very tender and good, I think a  carrot cake is in the future.   My corn is done, I was disappointed with it , but I  should have picked it sooner,   so   next year I will  make the calendar  so that  I will start checking closely  to pick.     I think I will also plant more green Bell peppers  and  will plant  JalapeƱo peppers  also so I don't have to try and find then in the store.       All in all the garden was fun and kept me busy this summer.  And I have to laugh to think I am already thinking about how to make it better for next year.

  Like getting more  large  tomato cages  or  maybe we should make something instead to hold the plants up?    Just  something to think about over the long cold winter !