Saturday, March 12, 2016

It was a  beautiful morning,  there were Blue Birds  checking out the 2 blue birds houses  I had put up earlier in the week,  so I knew I needed to get a  pole to put up the new blue bird house that A-Lisa  had given me. Mars went with me to the barn, no pole long enough there.  We stopped on the way back to the house and checked out the garden and look what  we found!    There were about  8 garlic plants  growing.  I missed those last fall,  but this will be  fun to watch them grow and see how they do.  I had thought about planting more garlic last fall as is suggested  as   the best way to grow garlic, but I didn't get that done. 

But  I do have my thoughts on paper as to how I want to plant my garden this year,  just need a little rain, and some more warm weather . Hopefully in a month  I can start preparing it to be planted. But  right now I  have garlic  and blue birds  to watch.