Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We have had plenty of rain the past few days, and with sun and humidity things are growing well. Tonight I discovered that the  potatoes have flowers,

the tomatoes have flowers

and   there are little green pumpkins on the vines!
The lettuce is doing wonderful and we have had  many salads already and many more to have. 
I so far have been able to keep up with the weeds, and I hope that I can continue to keep them under control.

My poison ivy rash is getting better, thank heavens , and I am being very careful where I go , and  really am not venturing very far.

We took Mars to the park in Boone for a walk last night and he didn't want to get out of the car and then very very slowly went on the walk with us.  He just didn't want to go. I think my dog is getting old.  But I hope he can enjoy the summer and sleep and follow us around when we are out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

   Mars  and I went to the garden  late this afternoon, everything is growing, corn and pumpkins here.

Green beans , see the little blooms , I can taste fresh green beans now.  Hopefully I won't have so many I won't know what to do with them. 

This shows the onions, beans, dill and lettuce middle of bottom.

And here are the potatoes.  

It was very hot today 97 , and it is to be hot tomorrow, with possible rain on thur.  , so I am hoping it rains then, all my flowers in pots  were dry even though I watered them yesterday.  
Jeff is working on burning the stumps, has the one in front by bank  simmering !!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

We had  almost an inch of rain last night, which was good as things were starting to get  a little dry.  Used my wonderful hoe today again, and noticed that there are blooms on the green beans.  The sweet corn is about 10 inches high. Onions  are   great , garlic is so so , dill and carrots  are growing, as are the potatoes.

There Blue Birds  have built another nest , so hopefully we will have another brood of little birds.

Nothing like taking a  city girl and putting her in the country,  I encountered poison ivy last Sunday, only a few more new blisters  today. Hopefully in another week things will be getting better.