Saturday, April 15, 2017

We had  .31 in of much needed rain yesterday,  the grass is really green and we will need to mow  soon, the trees  are getting leaves.    I decided to plant mixed greens  and  carrots , and  next week I will put my row net that Brad and Nikole gave me  over the rows  to further bunny proof .

Always  amazing  how after  being inside  all winter I can't wait to get out there  and plant things  and play in the dirt.   The rhubarb that I transplanted last year all came up but  the plants  are very very small and the rhubarb  stalk is  just  a little  thicker then match stick.  I hope  that during this summer they will continue  to grow  and get bigger.  I will just borrow  rhubarb from my sister.   I like to make  a  pineapple / rhubarb  jam  and  then  Nikole has a  REALLY good   strawberry / rhubarb  cobbler  recipe  and I want to make that at least  twice!   Strawberry shortcake.

I  have been thinking I might go to MN for strawberry picking as  the ones  I picked down here last year  were not at all good.   I also  have used all but  2 packages of Blueberries  so that means  a
 field trip to WI. in July .

Now  just need to wait for about 6 weeks  and I will have  fresh salad greens.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I have  tried again to change the blog name,  I hope I was able to accomplish that this time.

Sort of spring up and down temps,  I am ready to plant my garden but I must wait  a few more weeks.  We borrowed the garden tiller  on Mon. and that all done.  We made it  bigger  by about 4 feet, and also tilled  a small area in " clover pasture " for my pumpkins , then they can go where ever they want.

 My garlic that I planted  last fall is up , but  not all of it made it , so I have soaked  garlic cloves  over night and will plant those  today.
 The tomato and Kale seeds  that I started in the house are growing, getting a second  leaf on the tomatoes so  I will add more dirt to the little cups.

  I am still missing Mars and it has  been almost a year.      We seemed to have been adopted  by a
"cat",  he lays in the sun in barn stalls and runs inside to hide if we get close,  we call it Barney .

Monday, September 12, 2016

 I  am trying to change  my blog title ,  as  Mars  is in Rainbow  Heaven  waiting on us !!
  Not sure if  I have  done it correctly or not,  if I did great , if not , I will have to try again.

In May we made the hard decision to put Mars  down.  He had not been able to see for about a year, he was sleeping   at least 23 hours a day,  eating very little and not drinking much. He walked slowly, he  hadn't gotten up to greet me when I came home from work in several  months. He probably would have lived longer , but it was so hard to watch him as he was,  knowing what he had been like. A  happy playful dog, that loved to go in the car,  or on walks, or just to follow us around in the yard.
 So  this will not be the Adventures  of Bobbie and Mars  I have changed the name.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

  I have not done so well with the garden this spring.  Either it has been to wet, to cool, or I planted almost everything to deep, as the only thing up so far are my beets.  A few potatoes are poking  out of the dirt as are a few onions.   So  by this coming Sat. it will be  3 weeks since I planted and if nothing more is up I think I will  replant and try this again.

  I planted  my tomatoes and peppers  today.  Also the basil in the herb planter on the deck .  I put the rosemary in a medium sized pot and it is sitting in the front walk flower bed, beside the sage plant that Lorri gave me and the chives. So  I am thinking I will get another rosemary plant and actually plant it as it is a  perennial and see if it will make it over the winter.

Planted impatiences  in pots on the patio and by the cabin. Put marigold seeds  by wagon wheels at the driveway.     I also had planted  marigold seeds  by the side of the potting shed and they are coming up.

  My sister and I had  done a mail order and  the Bleeding Heart are coming up and starting to bloom , one of the 6 ferns is coming up and  the astilbe is coming up .    If it stays  warmer I will put the boston fern from last year  out ,  it did rather well over the winter.  So I would guess the " reefer" room is a  good place as far as day light and temp is concerned.

 I checked  and the Blue Bird  is still sitting on the nest.  After  all the rain we had this past weekend I was hoping she didn't give it up.  

 Mars hasn't help much this year with the planting , he would rather sleep, so we let him sleep. Getting old, slower, and not at all interested in a walk or playing.

Lets hope the warmer temps and sun will make my garden grow.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

It was a  beautiful morning,  there were Blue Birds  checking out the 2 blue birds houses  I had put up earlier in the week,  so I knew I needed to get a  pole to put up the new blue bird house that A-Lisa  had given me. Mars went with me to the barn, no pole long enough there.  We stopped on the way back to the house and checked out the garden and look what  we found!    There were about  8 garlic plants  growing.  I missed those last fall,  but this will be  fun to watch them grow and see how they do.  I had thought about planting more garlic last fall as is suggested  as   the best way to grow garlic, but I didn't get that done. 

But  I do have my thoughts on paper as to how I want to plant my garden this year,  just need a little rain, and some more warm weather . Hopefully in a month  I can start preparing it to be planted. But  right now I  have garlic  and blue birds  to watch.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

   The Osage Orange tree is in the pasture  and  has  many many Hedge Balls.   I have put them all over the basement , garage, storage area's.     I have been told that they will help to deter insects, spiders, critters !!    So   we will see what happens,   I have them in the family room and still  have  box elder bugs ,but   not nearly as many as last year. 

    This  is only a  " few" of the hedge balls , I have already given many away , have them in the house, and Nikole is taking  2  bags for her mom, and family.  Guess I will pick more up and bring to house or storage shed.   

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

While in the garden yesterday,  I checked the  pepper plant , and this is what I found !    And there are several more small green peppers growing.    I will have to cover the plant the next few nights as it is to get to freezing or close.   Not that I will be able to save the plant but I think I will try.      Only a  few more tomatoes left,   there  are 2 pumpkin vines that are green, and a few carrots left to dig.  Then my first garden is done.     But I have  learned  a  few things , and have decided what I might want to plant next year.   I would guess this will be an ever changing project.  More pepper plants next year, and beets.