Saturday, April 15, 2017

We had  .31 in of much needed rain yesterday,  the grass is really green and we will need to mow  soon, the trees  are getting leaves.    I decided to plant mixed greens  and  carrots , and  next week I will put my row net that Brad and Nikole gave me  over the rows  to further bunny proof .

Always  amazing  how after  being inside  all winter I can't wait to get out there  and plant things  and play in the dirt.   The rhubarb that I transplanted last year all came up but  the plants  are very very small and the rhubarb  stalk is  just  a little  thicker then match stick.  I hope  that during this summer they will continue  to grow  and get bigger.  I will just borrow  rhubarb from my sister.   I like to make  a  pineapple / rhubarb  jam  and  then  Nikole has a  REALLY good   strawberry / rhubarb  cobbler  recipe  and I want to make that at least  twice!   Strawberry shortcake.

I  have been thinking I might go to MN for strawberry picking as  the ones  I picked down here last year  were not at all good.   I also  have used all but  2 packages of Blueberries  so that means  a
 field trip to WI. in July .

Now  just need to wait for about 6 weeks  and I will have  fresh salad greens.


  1. Hi Bobbie, I love the new blog name. I don't think my rhubarb has even started yet, but last year it was so neglected and weedy that I might have killed it off. If you are interested Lisa has a good recipe for a rhubarb slush. She usually freezes it in an ice cream pail and then adds the optional alcohol when she serves it. We like it with the booze, and some people freeze it with the booze in it but adding it later allows for a bit more flexibility. Our grass is green too. It happened really quickly this year, kind of a don't blink or you will miss it kind of thing.

  2. We transplanted two rhubarb plants last year. One had a large tap root and that one is back in full force. The other one just has one leaf out, but I am hopeful. Now that it's in a flower bed maybe Brad will stop tilling them under...:)

    And I can't take total credit for the Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp's Ina Garten's! Soooo good.

    Strawberry picking will be here soon!