Saturday, May 30, 2015

  The garden is growing , everything looks good, we had  fresh lettuce greens for a  salad tonight , very tasty.  I planted 6 asparagus , 2 sage plants, and marigolds, all from Lorri.  These  plants  look wonderful, very healthy.   We had 1.5 inches of rain this  week,so a few days without rain would be nice.  I would guess that the beans will be the next thing that I will get to harvest, then the carrots.  Although I can't wait to taste sweet corn and tomatoes and little new potatoes. 

I peaked in the Blue Bird house  last week and there  were 3-4 little blue birds, it was hard to tell as  they were packed in.  Today I checked  when we got home and they have fledged.  I hope that there will be another  brood this summer. 

Slowly we are getting come control of this yard, but it will be  a  work in progress for  a long time. There is always  something that needs to be mowed, or cut down, weeded or hauled away. But it is giving us things to do. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

We have had plenty of rain, Thurs. we had 1.07 in. in about 14 hours. Things  are really wet. Then Fri. it had been warm and quite humid.  The weeds are loving this.    But  I  did plant Brussel Sprouts today.   I also checked  and found that  the potatoes  are popping up. I found  4 little bumps  of green leaves.  So everything I have planted is growing. Pretty amazing to me.

And my new hoe  makes  weeding the garden  very easy and quick.

I am still getting asparagus to eat.  Not much, a couple of spears each day and they are  mostly very thin.  Most have gone to seed already. There  could be wild raspberries. There are bushes all over the yard, pastures that   have little buds of  fruit starting.   I am hoping that  I can walk all over  the  fields and by the creek and  pick raspberries.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mars and I did our daily walk to the garden and guess what we found today?    The sweet corn has popped up and so have the pumpkins! It is amazing what 1/2 in. of rain and  warm temps  will do for a  garden, because they were not there yesterday.  But  on that note the weeds are also growing so I will get to use my new garden Hoe again.  Which is a  totally awesome garden hoe.  It is " U" shaped and has blades on both sides , so that it will cut the weeds when you push and pull it through the dirt. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

This past weekend Brad and Nikole came down,and we had  a really busy weekend.  Mars,Honey and Indiana were good and sat waiting for the action to start.   They did go off and explore later, Nikole took them for a  " swim" in the creek. 

We put in fencing for my garden in hopes it will keep the deer out or at least  make them think about jumping the fence. I think it went up pretty quickly with all of us working on it. 

 Here is the finished project, it just needs a  gate, but that will be another day. 

And  here are my green beans  just starting to pop up,  so at least I know I can do beans.

This was the second  project, to put  large rock along the edge of flower beds from the drive way down to the bottom of steps, and it blended right in with the rocks I had put in several weeks ago to keep mulch from washing away.