Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Vampires in the neighborhood  won't have a chance !!!  I just planted  two rows of garlic ,   also planted  my potatoes.  It is to rain late Sat.and  then rain every day till Thurs., plus  temps are to be in the 70's.  So  I think that is just what a new little garden needs, rain, sun, and warm temps.  The only thing that has started to appear are the onion sets.  I had hoped  more would be up by now ,guess I am being impatient.  The only thing left to plant  are the tomatoes, green pepper.
My sister and I have ordered tomatoes from the Garden Collection, which boosts  " giant  tomatoes and bushels per vine" !!  Those are some pretty amazing claims, if only that would happen. So we will see.  Those plants  should arrive  mid May.  I will also buy tomato plants at the garden center in Boone just in case .

  I also checked Blue Bird house and I could feel eggs in the nest. It is to high up for me  to see into the nest ,  will need to get a ladder or mirror.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another  beautiful day here, the rock edging I did seems to be staying in place, is keeping the wood mulch in place and the Sedum and Hosta I transplanted looks ok.  So  this weekend the plan will be to do rock edging from the driveway down to the steps to the patio/ fire pit area.

There is asparagus growing by the fence, Mars  was helping me pick it tonight, should be enough for 2 small servings tomorrow ( I hope ) . If not I will just  keep picking until we do have enough.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mars and I have been busy the past few days. Tonight we planted  the  onion plants, sweet corn, pumpkins, and some Dill.  Now we just have to wait and see what will grow besides the weeds !  Still need to plant the tomatoes and green pepper but I will wait till May to do those, and I am thinking about  potatoes.   The garden measures  20 ' X 37'.  There is  cattle fencing in the barn and we are planning to put that around the garden to hopefully deter the wild life.  There is also chicken wire that could go around the bottom of fencing at ground level  to keep out the bunnies, and raccoons. If nothing else this will be an adventure for sure.

I have transplanted the Smooth Solomon Seal and tonight I found 2 Jack in a Pulpit coming up and I moved them also as they were on the south side of the cabin in full sun. I guess I wasn't really thinking when I brought those 2 plants from MN in the fall or I would have put them in a  better place.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

This is my garden being tilled, the tiller was doing a wonderful job and we were able to make my garden bigger then I thought it would be but not as big as I had originally planned.   This is the "special fertilizer" being shoveled on to the garden.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What a great day, I finished cleaning out the weeds on rock wall at the front of the drive way, I planted flower seeds on the east side of potting shed,  ( these are  seed packs that  Joanne left here  so we will see if they even grow) cleaned out the dead parts of Vinca along the steps to patio.

My brother in law brought his tiller down this afternoon.  Jeff worked on garden and now it is all tilled, also had a truck load of horse poop that we put on the garden and tilled that in.  I just want to get going and starting planting things,  and when I think about what all I want to plant I might just  do it this weekend. Tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, corn, pumpkins, onions, beans.  I know I will need to wait for the tomatoes but I think everything else  could go into the ground.  And then I think I should wait at least till the end of then month. I will talk to my sister and the neighbor and see when they are going to plant.

 I have my new hoe ,  can't wait to use it.  Mars and I will be in the garden early in the mornings in the summer!.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I was able to get rhubarb plants from a neighbor of my sister, so I now have 3 nice plants along the fence line. Probably no rhubarb this year, but next  year I should be able to pick it.  Also planted 5 Asparagus root plants, M.A. had ordered them from one of her many seed catalogs, so again will just have to wait and see what happens.   I wonder if my Asparagus plants in MN are up ? These are the ones that Lorri gave me several years ago,  and this year  I should have been able to eat fresh Asparagus, hopefully the new people are enjoying it.

After doing the volunteer duties  today at the Arboretum, I walked the woodland trail, oh millions of wild flowers, I just had my phone with me and took some pictures, if I had the camera I could have taken lots of pictures.

The Tulip tree by the front porch is in full bloom, unfortunately it is very windy today and the blossoms  are being blown off.

On Mon. we went and walked the Lost Lake trail, it is  easy and we will take Mars there in the future. He is slowing down, arthritis , vision issues,  but all things  that happen to a  dog that is 10 + years old.
 I will post  wild flower pictures soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

     Spring is finally arriving, it was very nice last week, sunny and temps in the 70's, this week much different, cool 50's and drizzle, fog,  not nice for being outside.  I have continued to work on  the area where I am hoping to have the garden by digging up dirt to loosen it to hopefully make it easier to use the tiller. This is a  slow process, the ground is  very hard and there is a  fair amount of clay in the ground.
     I found several Blood Root blooming  in the front north east corner, there is something else coming up that  appears  that it could have  flowers  will have to wait and see what it is.   The Wild Ginger  that I dig up and brought from MN is coming up. But I feel I need to move it as  it is on the south side of cabin and will have all day direct sunlight. I am  still waiting to see if the Smooth Solomon Seal plant  will make it.
     I have raked areas all around the house, whew, what a  job, hopefully next year  it will not be so hard to do, we burnt leaves and have even started  a  huge  pile of brush in the pasture area for future burning.
      We have been taking Mars to area parks for walks, he seems to enjoy this, otherwise he just likes to roam around here where we are out sniffing and checking things out.
     This is a  picture of the Anemone we saw at the Ledges State Park where we took Mars to walk.