Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A nice hot , humid summer day, and the garden is loving it.We set the   extra large live trap last night as  I think  the raccoon is munching on my corn,  but he just took the peanut butter bread from inside the trap and didn't set it off.  GRRRR

  My corn with silk , and little ears of corn forming, can't wait  to have corn on the cob.

  Here is the first tomato that will be eaten, today it is a slight reddish  yellow.  Just a  few more days  and it will in a  BLT sandwich.

   After much investigating I found out what these little green things  are.  Tomatoes berries.  And if what I have read and understood is that only a few plants form these, and they will have potato seeds in them ,  a  hybrid seed.   So   I guess I will be  watching them and trying to collect the seed.  I need to get a  yard flag or something to mark that plant, so that I can find  the plant more easily in the future. 

It is getting to be the end of July, and the tomatoes are doing well,  we have had them several times, and there appear to be  lots of green ones,  just hope we don't get tired of them!  

There are several of the little pie pumpkins that are already turning orange, seems a bit early for that.     The rest of garden is doing ok, still green beans just not as many, The carrots  are  doing very well , we need to start eating those, I have pulled the lettuce and will think about planting another crop as I do have a packet of seed that I can plant.   The corn should be ready to eat soon, the ears are filling out and getting bigger.   The garlic looks  good on the top, just wondering how it is going in the ground?   Still want to try and plant some for a  fall crop ,  need to check out the nursery  and see who has garlic for fall planting. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Here is the first of many tomatoes!    I can't wait till we eat tonight

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Just the middle of June and I discovered little green pumpkins on the vines!!  Now I know it is 3 1/2 months till Oct. and  anything could happen , but I am still pretty excited. 

This is one of my big tomato plants lots of blooms,  I am hoping for lots of tomatoes, I can taste them now. 
The potato plants have blooms  also.  Just keeping thinking I will go out to the garden and the rabbits  will have eaten all of it !  Although I have not seen a rabbit in the garden there is a little one that hangs around  on the other side of the fence. 

My poison ivy rash is getting better,  and I am being very watchful as to where I am.

Mars is slowly getting around, his vision seems to be getting worse, he did not want to go on a  walk last night. Hopefully he can enjoy his summer here , sleeping and just  following us around.

Ah  I have green beans,  lots of green beans,so I guess we will be  eating green beans !!!   I had a couple fresh picked  so tender and tasty.  Can't wait for them to be just a bit bigger.

And I discovered  several small tomatoes !   YES !  Still managing the weed population, and I hope I can keep ahead of them. The dill is getting bigger ,although it seems that someone might be  having little snacks of those plants. The onions sets  are bigger, and are doing much better with bigger, stronger plants then the onions plants . They are small, and  sort of pathetic looking.   But that is good to know for the future, I will just do onion bulbs /sets .

I had forgotten how many lightening bugs  there were here in Iowa.  There was one that was on the side window by front door last night , just flashing it's light, it was  neat. The back yard is just a glow with them.  Due to all the rain that we have had in the past weeks  you can hear the water  in Bear Creek running.  I know that will fade here if we don't get more rain. 

My flowers in pots seem to be doing well. I will need to make sure and make notes  about what is growing well and what not for future plantings. 

It has been awhile since I last posted and things  have really changed in the garden. This is most of the garden showing, the onions, beans, carrots,lettuce, tomatoes.   We have been eating green beans for  couple of weeks, the lettuce is  pretty much done as it has gotten hot and it is now bitter tasting.   I will pull it and    wait till Aug and plant another crop to have into the fall. The carrots  are looking great.

My little pumpkins are growing  this is one of the bigger ones, it is cantaloupe sized.  Just hope I get a few as I have only 3  frozen containers   of pumpkin left.

Ahhh  the tomatoes!!!    I will have  ripe tomatoes by mid week,  I can almost taste  the BLT's , fresh sliced tomatoes with basil and mozzarella. The two big plants that I purchased from Earl May are  huge,I did not get them in tomato cages, but  I did put  dry grass clippings  under them to help hold down the weeds and to hold the moisture in the ground. The little  mail order tomatoes are actually coming along nicely, they all have blooms.  

These are pictures of the flowers  by the front walk, so pretty, the hostas are huge. They will need to be thinned out next year for sure. Need to find some one who wants some hostas.  

 I think I will try and  cut some of the white flowers to dry and see if I can keep them  over the winter,as a  dry bouquet.