Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I have  tried again to change the blog name,  I hope I was able to accomplish that this time.

Sort of spring up and down temps,  I am ready to plant my garden but I must wait  a few more weeks.  We borrowed the garden tiller  on Mon. and that all done.  We made it  bigger  by about 4 feet, and also tilled  a small area in " clover pasture " for my pumpkins , then they can go where ever they want.

 My garlic that I planted  last fall is up , but  not all of it made it , so I have soaked  garlic cloves  over night and will plant those  today.
 The tomato and Kale seeds  that I started in the house are growing, getting a second  leaf on the tomatoes so  I will add more dirt to the little cups.

  I am still missing Mars and it has  been almost a year.      We seemed to have been adopted  by a
"cat",  he lays in the sun in barn stalls and runs inside to hide if we get close,  we call it Barney .


  1. I didn't see this post until after I had commented on the newer one. The new name is great. Glad that you were able to get it changed. I love the name of your cat. I don't suppose that you have pictures. Never having had a cat while we were growing up now all of us--my folks and my siblings--are 'cat people' and have at least one cat.

  2. Farms are meant to have barn cats!