Sunday, May 14, 2017

  I received  a  wonderful  Mothers Day present ,  a   wooden  rain barrel with a  red pumper  handle.    It  is  really  great,  NO more filling  watering can  with the garden hose.    Brings  back memories  of  my childhood  at  grandma's  house , she had a  water pump in back yard, that as a  child  I used.

 Also  Nikoles  mom Lorri has a  green house  and  has  produced  " beautiful  huge  tomato" plants  , and I was lucky to get some , plus basil, lemon basil, parsley , yellow squash. My garden is complete now,    can't wait to have tomatoes  to eat , can for use in the winter, salsa.  But I know I  will need to wait till July/ Aug.         I had bought tomato plants at a  local green house ,  they were ok  but  no where near as  nice  as  Lorri's.    My store bought ones are  in the back ground with 1/2 gallon milk containers on them.

Also   planted Wild Ginger  that   Brad found  at  St Paul's  farmers  market.  I love  wild ginger , a  very pretty green forest wild flower.      Needless to say I am going  to be  busy the next several weeks  watering all of my plants at least daily.

 So appreciative of my kids   Nikole, Brad, A-Lisa and Richard    Thank you to all of you .

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  1. Your water barrel is so cute and I love the red pump. I am so jealous that your garden is all in. Mother nature is watering today at my house. I have never had wild ginger. I am curious and will now have to do a google search. :) Is it a perennial?

    Isn't it funny the things that we remember from our childhood. I think that my grandma's farmhouse had indoor plumbing added later (before my time) but they still drank their water from an enamel pail with a dipper/ladle. I remember that well water tasting so my better than out town water out of the faucet. Maybe it was all the commingled germs in that dipper...