Saturday, May 20, 2017

A rainy week,  my new rain barrel is full !

The garden is starting  togrow,  beans,beets, kale, cilantro, potatoes, pumpkins are up.   The green lettuce mix  is  looking good  and I will start to pick that this week.  Also planning to move my row net to the beet rows  just to make sure they will be safe.  So far I have not noticed any evidence that a bunny has been in the garden.

 The herbs from Lorri are  looking great-   the small planter in front with the Thyme and Oregano is growing , it looks  good.   I trimmed  the Sage bush some more,  I trimmed it in early spring but was not sure how much to trim, but  there was a lot of new growth so  I trimmed up the long stems to a more reasonable length.  I will know now for next year that I can cut back farther then I did this year.  The wooden herb planter on deck is doing well also,  the  lemon Basil looked  really sad  for  several days  but is  doing well now,  so  it was just in shock from being moved from it's  safe pot to this bigger  area.  Can't wait to make recipe that calls for fresh basil !! And I have a couple of experiments  that do need it .


  1. Wow, to have produce near eating size is great, even if it is only one crop so far. We are getting asparagus and that is it. My sage has not been trimmed but I am thinking I will follow your lead and do so. It wintered over in the greenhouse and flowered. I probably should have cut the flowers but didn't. There is always more to learn. I have never grown sage before and probably wouldn't have grown this if not for the reception. It will be a good excuse to find some ways to use it.

    1. Sage and brown butter sauce! It's delicious on everything (pasta, gnocchi, potatoes)

  2. Hooray for the rain barrel! Any idea how much water you collected? Did the overflow work?

  3. The over flow hose seems to be working ,we did add another hose today. When we had the big rain on there weekend it did overflow, but no damage .
    No idea how much it collected, something we should figure out. But it is just fun to pump the red handle and get water!!