Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tomato Time !

The tomatoes are  starting to ripen , we have been eating the little yellow pear tomatoes  just off the vine and in salad, or as a snack, but then the other tomatoes  have started to ripen and it was time to get to work.   So I now have 5 pint jars of salsa and 2 Qt. jars of little roma tomatoes !     I need  a " prep chief",  Nikole  has  an excellent one that she " trained"!!!      I found  a   canned spaghetti sauce recipe in my Taste of Home magazine, I need 25 lab's of tomatoes,   I think I will try it and half the recipe.   I just need to stay on top of the ripening tomatoes. And there will be more tomorrow.     

     I have been digging potatoes ,  carrots , and beets.    I  have made  beet cake and chocolate beet cupcakes.   Both were quite good.  The garlic is  braided and hung to dry, the onions  were dug up and are drying on the picnic table,  I will attempt to braid them as I saw on pintrist, and if it does not work I have mesh bags  I will put them in and hang up . The beans are not doing much , I will make sure that I don't pick up pole beans again.    The kale is doing well, and the cilantro is fading fast.  I have lots of Jalapeño peppers , and some  red and green bell peppers. 
    My pumpkin patch was moved to the pasture by the barn, and I have  only a few pumpkins.  So  next year I will plant them back in the garden and then I will try some back there again. But  after talking with Nikole  maybe I need flowers that will attract  bee's  for pollination. So  I need to start planning  that area. 


  1. Those look fantastic! Very jealous of your harvest. Can't wait to see pictures of the garden!

  2. I am a little late to comment but I think that your jars look great. I have had a total of 5 ripe tomatoes and probably none at the time you wrote this post. Lots of green ones tho so I am hoping that if I am patient they will come. Sounds like you have had so much great goodies from your garden.