Tuesday, May 3, 2016

  I have not done so well with the garden this spring.  Either it has been to wet, to cool, or I planted almost everything to deep, as the only thing up so far are my beets.  A few potatoes are poking  out of the dirt as are a few onions.   So  by this coming Sat. it will be  3 weeks since I planted and if nothing more is up I think I will  replant and try this again.

  I planted  my tomatoes and peppers  today.  Also the basil in the herb planter on the deck .  I put the rosemary in a medium sized pot and it is sitting in the front walk flower bed, beside the sage plant that Lorri gave me and the chives. So  I am thinking I will get another rosemary plant and actually plant it as it is a  perennial and see if it will make it over the winter.

Planted impatiences  in pots on the patio and by the cabin. Put marigold seeds  by wagon wheels at the driveway.     I also had planted  marigold seeds  by the side of the potting shed and they are coming up.

  My sister and I had  done a mail order and  the Bleeding Heart are coming up and starting to bloom , one of the 6 ferns is coming up and  the astilbe is coming up .    If it stays  warmer I will put the boston fern from last year  out ,  it did rather well over the winter.  So I would guess the " reefer" room is a  good place as far as day light and temp is concerned.

 I checked  and the Blue Bird  is still sitting on the nest.  After  all the rain we had this past weekend I was hoping she didn't give it up.  

 Mars hasn't help much this year with the planting , he would rather sleep, so we let him sleep. Getting old, slower, and not at all interested in a walk or playing.

Lets hope the warmer temps and sun will make my garden grow.

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  1. Hi Bobbie, i have my fingers crossed that your stuff will soon be up. I have only planted some sweetcorn, a row of peas and two rows of potatoes that were leftovers from last year. None of those are up yet here either. Give Mars a squeeze. Getting old is hard for people and pets. He has been so well-loved.