Saturday, October 24, 2015

   The Osage Orange tree is in the pasture  and  has  many many Hedge Balls.   I have put them all over the basement , garage, storage area's.     I have been told that they will help to deter insects, spiders, critters !!    So   we will see what happens,   I have them in the family room and still  have  box elder bugs ,but   not nearly as many as last year. 

    This  is only a  " few" of the hedge balls , I have already given many away , have them in the house, and Nikole is taking  2  bags for her mom, and family.  Guess I will pick more up and bring to house or storage shed.   

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  1. And Nikole's mom is glad to get them. Thanks Bobbie. What a beautiful shaped tree. When I told my mom that you had a sent an email and had a tree and was offering to send hedge balls she was so excited. She had bought all that the store had to send to her brother and was planning to buy more for at her house but they never got more in. She was just tickled that you were sharing yours. Thank you so much.